The Product Development team is frequently traveling to fashion fairs and hot fashion spots and doing store checks in Europe & USA to identify the latest fashion trends. We are constantly sourcing new fabrics, trims, finishes etc and making in-house collection to support the customers with updated product possibilities matching to their price points. Also we are constantly doing research on new printing, embroidery & wash technique. 
product-development center
Well organized team of merchandisers, headed by experienced managers to ensure successful execution of orders and smooth communication throughout. Senior Team Leaders travel often to the customer to improve their understanding of the customer, product and the market.
merchandising picture
  • The Prevention part is taken care by our Quality Assurance (QA) team, which works closely with the technical team of customers to set the required quality standards and looks after all pre-production activities such as fitting, workmanship & production friendly construction using industrial engineering methods.
  • The Control part is taken care by our Quality Control (QC) team, whose core job is to do physical inspection of every single material used in the garment and control every process right from cutting till packing. They ensure that the final product shipped is exactly as per the customer specifications. 
QC picture
Printing facility : It has 4 printing long tables and capable to handle full in house requirement.

Embroidery facility

  • 12 head machine: 18
  • 20 head machine: 2
  • 6 head machine: 3
  • Computerized Sequin: 2

: With capacity of 15,000 pcs per day, can handle all basic and heavy enzyme washes.

Testing Lab : The prevention part is strengthened by in-house testing lab, which carry out certain testing procedures to ensure materials meeting standards before it is issued to production.