PT Ameya Livingstyle Indonesia, established in Year 2006 started the project with purchasing of land in the City of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta which has a reputation of being centre of education, availablity of skilled manpower combined with a low minimum wage, close access to the sea port in the city of Semarang made it an ideal choice to start a manufacturing facility. 

The part one of the project was finished in Year 2007 and production started in year 2008. The second part of the construction started in Year 2008 with an intention to add additional Production capacity, Sample room, Laundry, Water treatment, Printing and Embroidery facilities.

Ameya is a word taken from the Japanese Language , which means "bountiful". The creators of Ameya hope that it will bring bountiful of hope, satisfaction and happiness to all the people involved with Ameya.
-      Year of establishment: 2006
-      Land area: 20,000 m2
-      Constructed area: 10,000 m2
-      Number of machines: 750
-      Number of employees: 2000
-      Product Range:
            Mens Shirts
            Ladies Blouses
            Dresses and Kids Shirts
-      Production capacity: 250,000 - 300,000 pcs / month
-      Turnover in 2014: 24 million USD
-      Production lead time: 60 – 100 days
-      Minimum order Quantity: Average 2000 pcs/style
-      Additional facilities :
            Inhouse Washing
Our Vision show us what we want to achieve.

To Build an Organization which creates long Term Success and shares it with other Stakeholders.
Our Mission shows us the way to do it
  • People, Infrastructure, Systems And Values are the foundation of the company
  • Strong Market Orientation 
  • Strong Networking with Buyer and Supplier
  • Dinamic and Evolving 
Humility            Respect         Empathy
Competency      Team Work    Loyality
There are 3 key areas of focus for Ameya
To be able to offer fast production lead times to the customers
To be able to develop and offer new ideas in terms of fabrics, styles, processes etc.
to be able to adapt to the Customer in terms of minimum quantity , lead times and other requirements

Show room

Production line



Pack goods Warehouse

Welt Machine