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Established in Year 2006 Ameya, the project started with purchasing of Land in the City of Yogyakarta. The choice of Yogyakarta as the location is based on the city's reputation as a centre of education in Indonesia which combined with a low Minimum wage and a close access to the sea port in the city of Semarang made it a suitable choice to start a manufacturing facility.

The part one of the project was finished in Year 2007 and product started, in year 2008 the second part of the construction started with an intention to add additional production space , Office space and further space for Laundry, Water treatment, Inhouse Washing facility, inhouse Printing Facility, inhouse Embroidery facilities. The complete project is coming to an end now in the month of June 2009.

Ameya is a word taken from the Japanese Language , it means "bountiful", the creators of Ameya hope that it will bring bountiful of hope, satisfaction and happiness to all the people involved with Ameya.
Vision : Our Vision show us what we want to achieve.

To Build an Organization which creates long Term Success and shares it with
other Stakeholders.

The key words in our vision statement are :

a. Organisation : its not about a person, its about a team, a structure and a group.
b. Sharing : its not only about Return on Investment, but also about sharing
c. Stakeholders : which involve employees, shareholders, buyers, suppliers, environment etc.

Mission : Our Mission shows us the way to do it.

a. People, Infrastructure, Systems And Values are the foundation of the company
b. Strong Market Orientation
c. Strong Networking with Buyer and Supplier
d. Dinamic and Evolving

Values : our values define our style of functioning

Humility --- Respect --- Empathy --- Competency --- Team Work --- Loyalty --- Care

Business Concept of Ameya

There are 3 key areas of focus for Ameya

a. Fast : to be able to offer fast production lead times to the customers.
b. Flexible : to offer customer flexibility in terms of order qty, product variety etc.
c. Fashionable : To focus on product development and support the customer with inhouse designs.
The organisation structure of the company is kept flat , with an international team of experienced managers leading Different areas of responsibility and reporting to the CEO who is responsible for executing the goals set by the Shareholders in accordance with the companies vision, mission and values.

Land areas 15,000 mtr2
Constructed area 8250 mtr2 for production and office.
Number of pople1400
Number of machines 700
Production capacity 200,000 pcs / month
Complete electricity back up by generator (400 KVA).
Canteen for workers.
Specialized training section to provide training to all new workers.
Very spacious cutting department with 7 cutting table and capacity to cut 10,000 Shirts / Blouses per day. Fully equipped with vertical Knife, Band Knife and Die Cutting machines.
Printing in house with with 4 tables and capacity to handle full in house requirement.
In house dying facility for trims.
Embroidery in house with six 12 head machines and two 6 head machines, capable of handling
full in house requirement.
Assembly line system with 14 production lines having 40 Machines on each line and 2 mini production lines with 20 machines in each line and capacity to produce 8,000 per day. Fully equipped with all latest machines. All production lines are properly marked with more than sufficient space in between lines and operators.
Washing in house with capacity of 15,000pcs per day, can handle all basic washes. Waste water treatment plant using Constructed Wetland waste watertreatment technology, this technology is very eco friendly and does not generate waste / sludge.
Line system with 7 specialized Lines for Finishing and Packing department equipped with brand new machines and the department is divided into 2 parts, first sewing finishing and second finishing & packing. Sewing Finishing takes care of pre wash process and the Finishing & Packing takes care of the final packing of the garment. Capacity to Pack is up to 10,000 pcs per day.